Great Blue Turaco During Its Meal 

From today on, Matsue Vogel Park Kachoen runs an English version of its official weblog.

The first subject of this weblog is a Great Blue Turaco that the Park keeps.
This species is the largest among turacos, and it's not good at jumping from branch to branch or soaring.

This turaco spends most of the time on a perch that is fixed at the higher part of the cage. This video clip is one we took when the bird came down for food.

It looked around restlessly, unusual for this species, so I stood by with the video camera with a hope that it might fly toward the tree next to me. And.....Bingo! It was my first experience to see this species that close to me, I was very impressed.

Great Blue Turaco(Corythaeola cristata) ranges among tropical forests in middle West Africa.

It was eating food just beyond a glass window.
I made a small discovery out of this video clip. When the bird thrusts its head into the food box, its crest is somewhat folded so that it might not touch the box. Looks like it's some thing more than an ornament.....

After it finished eating food, it went back to the perch and started polishing its bill. The bird next to the Great Blue Turaco is a Violet Turaco that is kept together with.

Great Blue Turaco is very rare bird, and very few Japanese facilities keep and exhibit it. Please don't miss it during your visit.